About Tanya Raabe-Webber

Tanya Raabe-Webber is an acclaimed and award winning disabled artist primarily working in portraiture

Tanya has been a practising Visual Artist since 1987, using painting as a medium to explore ideas about identity, a disabled self, gender and the nude.Tanya uses portraits to portray well-known cultural figures within the UK’s disability movement. Her seminal project, the ‘Who’s Who’ portrait series, is arguably the key narrative pledge in NDACA. These painted portraits depict disabled artists and pioneers of the disability arts and cultural sector and were exhibited nationally.

Painting to Sketching on Ipads

Tanya’s painting uses a faux-naïve aesthetic, creating a painterly tone, but her communications practice surrounding her painting is very cutting edge. She will often periscope, tweet, and use other live coverage during her painting sessions, which begin with Tanya sketching portraits on iPads. There are significant aesthetic differences between Raabe-Webber’s earlier pieces and her current style of portraiture. NDACA holds a full range of Raabe- Webber’s work; from early collage pieces to her most recent commissions.

Tanya explains her artwork as focusing on

‘issues that are born out of my life experiences as a woman and a disabled person. I am an artist and a disabled artist creating images of myself in my environment that’s dominated by a society obsessed with physical beauty and perfection. I analyse and challenge some of the stereotypes and myths surrounding disabilities developed through years of misrepresentation concerning the body beautiful.’

Tanya has said of her personal connection the Disability Arts Movement

‘Disability art is part of my history and I am part of its history. This is an art movement that has not been recognised by art historians. Disabled artists have yet to be valued and recognised as professional and take their place in art history. But I continue to develop new artwork and contribute to the Disability Arts Movement and I am successful in my field.’