About Jo Verrent

Jo Verrent is the senior producer for Unlimited, the world’s largest commissions programme for disabled artists

Through Unlimited, Verrent strives to get the work of disabled artists embedded within the UK arts sector through collaborations with partners including: Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Southbank Centre, Spirit of 2012 and the British Council.

Difference is Delicious

Verrent has worked in the disability arts field for her entire career, and maintains she was spurred on by those at school who told her there was no point in trying to become an actress because she had a hearing impairment. Rather than allow such experiences to hold her back, Verrent has instead lived by her own mantra: ‘difference is delicious’. This attitude is evident in her art, such as the award-winning 2014 installation “Take me to Bed” which explores the dis/comfort of audiences to bodies that are different, which she produced with Luke Pell.

Believing in Diversity

Verrent has championed issues surrounding access, disability and leadership within the cultural sector through her work with SYNC, a leadership programme she co-founded with Sarah Pickthall in 2008. She believes firmly in the value of diversity in the arts which, she says, adds to the texture, variety and nuance of the overall artistic product, and speaks to the different perspectives of those who engage with it.